Exploring Beautiful Fernando de Noronha

Noronha Brasil

The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is located approximately two hundred nautical miles west of the Brazilian coast and is considered by many (including Sir Charles Darwin himself) to be one of the last slices of heaven on earth. Comprised

Must-attend festivals to look out for when in Miami

Miami festivals

With favorable weather for the better part of the year, Miami is easily one of the top destinations globally. I made my maiden trip to Miami in November. The number of festivals held in November made for a great Miami

Must-visit attractions in San Francisco

san-francisco night skyline

Certainly one of America’s greatest city, San Francisco should be on everyone’s list of places to visit. I had the chance to visit San Francisco a few months ago when I took a vacation, and what can I say? This

The most popular tourist attractions in Florence

Sunset over florence

I am a living witness to the fact that Florence has the most amazing restaurants, museums, shops, buildings and what have you, in Italy. The number of people who visit Florence every day surprised me. When I was on my

A week with kids in Paris

Paris With Children

One of the greatest things about travel, is the people that you meet, Here is a story from a fellow traveler and good friend Yulia of MissTourist.com . If you have the good fortune of traveling to one of the

London Festivals packed with fun

London, Festival

I love the London festivals, here is a post from Nick of Nexthop.info Music, culture, food and fun are part of London everyday so just think about how great London life is at the various festivals held throughout the year.

A Trip to Salzburg

Salzburg Park

Among the most beautiful places situated around the Swiss Alps is Salzburg. It is both historically significant and is surrounded with natural beauty. From my personal experience the below mentioned are among the ‘must visit’ places in Salzburg. The Birthplace

Festivals of Rome

Rome Festival

Whenever someone mentions Italy, the first thing that hits my mind is Rome. Rome is one of those cities that just gets trapped in your heart and keeps you coming back for more. Every couple years I make my way

Berlin-A city graced with extreme fun


Characterized by super clubs, a wide range of adult entertainment, cheap beer and spectacular sightseeing, I was not surprised when Berlin overtook London to attain the title of the most interesting city on the Planet. I took a short vacation

Barcelona “The City of Marvels”

Beauty of Barcelona

Barcelona is a seaside city that offers so much fun and spots that most cities in the world lack. Considered as one of the best cities in Spain and Europe, from experience I rank Barcelona as the most beautiful and