Five Tips For Studying Abroad

Study abroad

Studying abroad can be an amazing adventure for students young and old.  Learning a familiar trade in an unfamiliar country can also be pretty scary for some.  It’s very common, though.  Hundreds of students each year travel all over the

5 Tips For Improving Your Newly Purchased Vacation Home

Vacation home

How exciting is it to have just purchased a new vacation home! It could be a cabin in the woods, or a small structure by the beach. It might even be a condo that’s part of a greater neighborhood. But

Four Of The Most Common Bucket List Destinations

Siam Reap

We all have our own personal list of things and destinations we would like to experience before our lives expire.  Maybe you want to be like your favorite movie star, and visit their home town.  Maybe your life’s effort has

Krakow: A City With A Sexy Twist!

Krakow Night

Boys will be boys, and men love to have fun. A stag party always seems like the best way to do exactly that! The concept of a stag night has changed over time. Today a guy’s night out is not

India and China: An Expat’s Paradise?

sunset china

Have you ever thought about how many countries in the world you could visit? With 189 to 196 countries recognised depending on the source, the possibilities are pretty much endless. But when the wanderlust comes to a halt and a

Getting Ready for Your Ski Trip

Ski Trip

There are a number of things you need to be suitably prepared in order to partake in skiing and snowboarding when winter rolls around – however, once you have amassed the right clothing and gear, you can hit the slopes

How to Get Organized at Work Prior to Taking a Vacation


Do you remember the days when you anxiously awaited your next vacation? As a child, you may have crossed off the days on the family calendar in anticipation of loading up the station wagon and heading to some sleepy beach

6 Best Travel Apps

smartphone-travel apps

There are more than 195 countries in the world. Many folks miss out on the beauty, experiences, and sites that foreign places have to offer out of fear of going broke, getting lost, or some other hazard. Thankfully, in a

How To Plan A Safe And Fun Road Trip

Unsplash / Pixabay

Do you live somewhere with great autumn foliage? If so, you’re probably planning a nice road trip, and you probably also want to make sure that you are taking a safe drive. Halloween is just around the corner, as well

Atlanta Off the Beaten Path: 3 Unusual Places to Visit


Atlanta and the regional North Georgia area house a number of well-known and popular attractions, such as Zoo Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium, and the World of Coca-Cola. While all of these sites are certainly well worth seeing, the connoisseur of