Urban Escapades: Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham AL

Back in the days, this sprawling city was coined with all the negative words that frequently paint today’s news with dark ambiance, from racial violence to deadly bombings; well, that was in the 60s. Birmingham today is surprisingly calm and

Top Places to Shop in New York – Fifth Avenue

New York Shopping

New York or the Big Apple in the United States of America is home to various famous shopping districts and areas. Amongst the top ranked and must visit or rather must shop for the visitors to the city is the

Top Luxury Hotel in Los Angeles


United States of America is the perfect place to pamper oneself. It has the best of luxury and customized services on offer. For making a holiday memorable the sure shot way is to stay stylishly at the top luxury hotels

The delicious treats of Seattle


Enjoying your US vacation? How about leaving the comfort of your hotel room and have some intimate dinner with your date? As a coastal seaport city in the state of Washington, Seattle is one of the biggest cities in the

Road Trip: St Louis, Missouri


American road trips are the nation’s pride of roadworthy initiation, the youth practices it to discover what they want in life whilst the old value it to travel back in time and unwind. For a traveler, it’s a whole different

New York City nightlife

times square night

According to statistics, I’m not going to use exact numbers though since it keeps growing, New York City is the city of billionaires. Well, even if you don’t agree just by talking about walking its streets gives me chills. My

Lose yourself on Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay sunset

Every splendid vacation have one thing in common, it must be fun or none at all. If your motto is like this, you made the right choice to include Chesapeake Bay as one of your stops on your next travel

Know more about America’s Independence Day – 4th of July

4th of july

The significance of this date lies in the fact that in 1776 on this day the country gained independence from Great Britain. The same was recognized later on the 3rd of September 1783. The constitution came up on 21st July

Fantastic Outdoors: Alabama


No wonder why some Americans refer to the state of Alabama as their sweet home; with its breathtaking landscapes, I’m sure you’ll also want to make it your home. Alabama’s scenic beauty never fails to soften even the hardest of

Exploring the enigmatic Beaumont, Texas

Beaumont texas

Beaumont is strategically located within the theBeaumont–Port Arthur Metropolitan Statistical Area, garnering its enigmatic appeal. Think about energy stuff, probably the oil that powers your automobile came from one of the drilling stations right here on Beaumont. Don’t fret, you